nice day for a white Christmas

30 11 2006


totally not putting me into any kind of Christmas sprit…


someone out there is writing about important stuff…

22 11 2006

Two of the best blogs I’ve read in a while.

First, having to do with a woman’s right to breast feed.

Second, a father’s take on raising a daughter w/out a shotgun.

go read.

even on paper (monitor) i’m kinda boring

21 11 2006

Did you know this about me?

  • I don’t like the smell of baking bread, cake, etc

  • I don’t like chocolate

  • I don’t like the smell of bacon

  • Really, I don’t like most food smells

  • I don’t mind the smell of skunk

  • I always shake/nod my head when I read

  • I am extremely sensitive about my cooking

  • The internet thinks I’m black- Amazon, Netflix, on-line dating spam, etc

  • Top three favorite holidays- Christmas, Easter, and my parents’ anniversary

  • Top three seven least favorite days- Halloween, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, Groundhog’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, the end of daylight savings, Columbus Day…

  • I’ve never broken or sprained anything. On my own body.

  • I am currently attending my third university and I’m still just barely half way through my first undergraduate degree

  • I’m sorta addicted to gummy bears, Black Forest gummy bears. I have a ritual when it comes to eating them. (first eat yellow, then orange. let red sit out a little while; eat red just as they are starting to get less gummy. eat green, eat white. open next bag and separate colors.)

  • I chewed tobacco for about 4 years

  • I haven’t showered since Friday, and tomorrow isn’t looking good either (note: i wrote this on sunday, i actually do plan on showering today. maybe.)

  • I can totally kick you ass in Tigga Tigga Tigga Woods ya’ll

  • I can’t stand to see flesh cut. Movies with gun fights, fist fights, cat fights, fine, but knife, sword, chainsaw fights are too much for me. except for the Kill Bill movies

  • I don’t believe in ghosts, or aliens

  • nightly routine: play DVD in old computer with volume at the lowest setting that still allows me to hear enough of the movie that I can tell what’s going on. play a few games of solitaire on said computer. roll over and fall asleep listening to the movie playing behind me.  deviation from this routine is tragic. Movie most likely to be my lullaby: Dodgeball

  • Favorite movie of all time is ‘Something The Lord Made’

  • I cannot nap unless I have a baby or small child to snuggle with

  • I may have a slight case of OCD, but that’s for another post

the night santa went out for cigarettes and never came back

17 11 2006

i don’t have a very clear memory of what it was like to believe in santa.  i remember my parents telling me about how they hid under the dinning room table once and caught a sight of santa in action.  that was the coolest story to my 6 year old ears. i wanted to sneak out of my bed in the middle of the night and have my own santa peeking experience. but i didn’t. something told me i’d be disappointed if i did. so i stayed in bed while my brother and sisters slept on my floor and watched the clock.

i loved the idea of santa, i remember that. i wanted santa to be real, but deep down i knew that story just didn’t work. i resisted admitting that santa didn’t exist.  even to myself.  it got increasingly difficult though, as time went on.  i would catch on tothe comments adults made thinking that us kids were blissfully ignorant to their coded speech.  i read a comic once, i think it was family circus, that joked about how “santa and the easter bunny have the same handwriting!”  at this point i was comfortable with the idea that there was no easter bunny, tooth fairy, etc, but i wanted santa to be real. 

in a last ditch effort to refuse to acknowledge the obvious for myself, i decided i had to hear it come from my parents’ mouths.  i pulled my dad aside, the whole time feeling slightly ridiculous that i was going to ask something i already knew the answer to. nervously i explained to my dad that, though i have my theories, i have to be sure about the reality of santa.  i would one day grow up, get married, have my own kids, and i have to know if santa is real. because, you know. so i’d know whether or not to put gifts out for my kids, or if i could just sleep easy, knowing santa was gonna take care of it for me.

i waited for him to tell me that i was old enough to hear it, santa is not real.  i think he just said something like i didn’t need to worry about it now, i’m only  7 (or whatever), blah blah blah…

i never brought it up again. more and more of my friends were happily admitting that they only play along for the sake of their younger siblings, and i joined them.

as an adult i’m not sure if i will introduce santa to my kids.  it’s fun when you believe, but it’s mighty stressful to learn you’ve been lied to by not only your parents, but the majority of society as well.

the end.

Because when I actually start writing, I forget what to say.

9 11 2006

i’m just gonna cheat on my first post and take one of those annoying surveys in order to introduce myself.

EIGHT Lasts:
8. Cigarette:
last one i have smoked? or last one i will smoke? 15 min ago, and two weeks from now.
7. Beverage:
this is a typical day- coffee, coffee, dr pepper, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer…
6. Movie:
i’m watching kill bill right now, but i just finished The best man. pretty good, but i would’ve watched a documentary on dryer sheets if it had the same cast.
5. Phone Call:
i hate using the phone, but i think i did answer once today when T called.
4. CD Played:
tough one, probably a mix that i burned.  
3. Bubble Bath:
just a few nights ago, it was glorious
2. Time You Cried:
shoot, i cry as regularly as i shower. that is to say, you know, once in a while…
1. Meal:
i had a cheese sandwich
EIGHT Have Yous:
8. Dated Someone Twice:
yes, sorta. well, on this “second time around” we aren’t exactly in a very committed relationship…
7. Been Cheated On:
6. Bought icecream:
huh, is this really a question someone thought was interesting? is ‘icecream’ street for something i don’t know? “bro, you got the icecream?” “yeah, right here. this is some serious shit son, aint no weak-ass icecream like you be gettin down yo way” “word?” “word.”
5. Kissed Someone & Regret It:
yes. yes i have. but only cause that regrettable kiss led to more regrettable events. no, not that.
4. Fallen In Love:
of course
3. Lost Someone:
Yes, but i found her, she was just in the next aisle over
2. Been Depressed:
more regularly than showers…
1. Been Drunk And Thrown up:
not at the same time. SIX Things You Did In The Past Three Days:
1. Gone shopping:
for drinks, at the bar, it was a success
2. Went To Work:
3. Colored:
4. Talked to your crush:
nope, the only man i admit to crushing on is more distant celebrity than casual acquaintance.
5. Got Drunk:
nope, i would’ve if the drinks were free and i didn’t have to drive some crazy-ass girl home who was plastered after, as far as i saw, three captain cokes. awesome. List THREE Favorite Colors
1. olive
2. wine
3. dusty blue

List TWO Things You Want To Do Before You Die
1. visit Greece
2. learn Hebrew and Arabic

So Far in ’06 I have:
1. Been To School: Yeah, a lot, it’s awesome
2. Made A New Friend: yes, i’m pretty excited about it
3. Fallen Out Of Love: yes, sorta.
4. Done Something You Swore Never To Do: yep- sorry, no explanation here…
5. Laughed Until You Cried: you bet. with my sisters in the car…
6. Went Behind Your Friend’s Back: not in any evil way as this question suggests
7. Met Someone Who Changed Your Life?: doesn’t everyone you meet change your life to some degree? the answer is yes, they do.
8. Gotten Close To Someone: physically, yes. emotionally, sorta
9. Found Out Who Your True Friends Are: some

What Do You Think Of…
1. Bush: i never really got into them, i liked a few songs i guess…not the bush you were thinking of? oh.
2. Lowering The Drinking Age: i don’t know, i think this question requires a long thought-out answer. an answer i’m not prepared to deliver.

1. Straight, Gay, Bi: Straight
2. Do You Have A Crush: Not really
3. Who Is The Best Hugger You Know: i’m pretty big into personal space. so i’m not the best one to ask.
4. Do you believe in love at first sight: no
5. Is There Something You Want To Tell Someone: yep, lots of stuff.

01] Is there someone who you like at the moment?
i like lots of folks. but since i know this question is asking me about a “crush” (why so many crush questions?) i’ll say yes.

O2] Have you ever given or been given roses?
yes. both

O4] How many times can you honestly say you’ve been in love?

O5] Do you believe everyone has a soul mate?
maybe more than one…Jackpot!

O6] Do you think that you should put friends first?
in what? in a line of people getting thrown into a pit of snakes? yeah, i’m totally going last.

O7] Have you ever had your heart broken?
Yes…but it’s fixed now. beer and airplane glue, shit aint coming apart again.

O8] What do you think about long-distance relationships?
nice for people with really big personal space bubbles

O9] Who was your favorite b/f or g/f?
uh, weird question.

1O] Would you rather date someone 5-6 years younger or 5-6 years older?
Older than me, younger than my dad

11] Have you ever seen a friend as more than a friend?
yes, it was pretty cool

12] Do you believe the statement, “Once a cheater always a cheater?”
no. but it’s pretty tough to find someone to prove that statement wrong.

13] How many kids do you want to have?
6, one/six is bound to make out pretty good and buy me a beach house…

16] Do you have any regrets?
everyone does. i won’t believe otherwise

17] Have you ever broken someone’s heart?
yes, i’m a cold hearted bitch

18] Imagine you’re 79 & your spouse just died, would you re-marry?
uh, how did he die? was it my fault? how easy is it for a 79 year old to get a proposal in prison?

2O] What song do you want to hear at your wedding?
something by james brown