make it stop!

25 02 2007

Wednesday I went out withoug a jacket.

Thursdays I was annoyed that I’d left my hat and gloves in my bag when they were clearly not needed.

Friday I noticed it had started snowing…

Saturday I woke up to this!

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This is my living room window. I measured 17″ from the bottom of the window screen to the top of the snow, and it’s supposed to snow all week…

I hate this place


Have you heard the one about…?

18 02 2007

You know what I hate?

When you are half way through telling a story, all enthusiastic like, and you realize that you’ve already told this story to this person.  But they aren’t stopping you.  Then you feel like an idiot. An idiot that has such an exciting life she only has one story to tell.

So then you don’t know if you should just finish the story, cause hey, they are playing like they haven’t heard it…but the enthusiasm has dropped and the last few sentences  are mumbled together…or fake like you’ve finished the story and change the subject real quick like- as if it never happened…

but it did. and I hate it.