a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do

24 03 2007

This is funny. I wonder what she was watching that had her preparing for a monster to come out of the TV.


more drug talk

23 03 2007

We’ve started presenting our research in my Dx/Tx/Intervention class.  Everyone is nervous about getting up in front of the class.  I presented last week and really, I don’t know if my mouth has ever acted so rebellious towards my brain. I’m certain that the complete sentences that I had in my head came out sounding like I was a 2 year old learning to talk.  and drunk. and just had a oral surgery. and a lobotomy.

but I’m done now and I can mostly relax until the final.

Last night the professor tried to lighted the mood a bit by playing this video for us.  Maybe it’s only funny to those in the business, or to those of us who are currently up to our eyeballs in chemical dependency research.  no matter. enjoy.

Full (meth) House

20 03 2007

jodie1.jpg Tonight I went to hear Jodie Sweetin talk about her life as an addict, and her path of recovery.  As any recovering addict knows, that path has no end.  No matter how familiar an addiction/recovery story is, it is never the same story.

At the end there was q&a time.*  Most everyone prefaced their question with many thanks and then proceeded to ask the most confusing, absurd questions… “blah blah…what advice do you give to a mother, with a child in her womb, that is using, blah blah…something inaudible, what happened to Comet, what yadda yadda?” huh? I don’t think this is her area of expertise. except for the Comet thing, maybe.
*she totally was asked to say “how rude”** among other Full House questions. 

**which she happily obliged.

more effective than “vote or die”

19 03 2007

I love it.

weekend of relief

19 03 2007


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i spent part of last night playing with make-up and my camera. i love playing dress up. i tend to get really into playing around when i am either a) avoiding doing homework, or b) just finished with a big project and can barely take the explosion of relief. yesterday was the latter. i had made myself sick* worrying about a presentation i had to give in one of my classes. then the time came, i stumbled through it, and everyone loved it! i don’t know why they loved it. well, it probably has a lot to do with the fact that i presented at the end of class, finished around 9pm and everyone just wanted to go home…

*i tend to do that a lot. i’ve got some anxiety issues to say the least.

things to do in the snow

7 03 2007

When I visited my parents this past Christmas I had to find creative ways to entertain myself.  They live in UT now, and I didn’t grow up there, so I don’t really know anyone besides my family.  So when my parents have to go into work and my brother and sisters go off with friends, I’m left with the cat and dog… sure I could stay on the couch all day watching ANTM re-runs*, which I kinda did, but I thought I’d try to take advantage of the fresh mountain air once in a while as well.

My parents got a greyhound about two years ago.  She is great to run with, always stays right by your side.  But she is the most cowardly dog I’ve encountered.  I nearly gave her a heart attack while wrapping presents.  She was fine until the paper roll was empty and I tossed the cardboard tube aside.  You woulda thought I’d hurled a live grenade, swarming in hornets, under a munitions plant. Which I didn’t.  She bolted out of the room like she had just caught site of the mechanical rabbit at the dog tracks.

Anyway, I thought I’d make it up by playing outside with her for a while.  Not before I threw the paper tube around a few more times though. 

This dog loves playing in the snow, while I would be happy to never have to encounter the white poison again in my life. Yeah, why do I live in MN?

Orders from the home owners stated that I was not to run the dog in the yard because she tears the grass up.  But, they should’ve known better, like I was really going to walk all the way to the park?… so, without further ado, I present a very poor example of my dog running in the side yard. (she was like a toddler in that whenever I pulled out my camera, she would stop performing and want to come see what I had)

*I don’t have a TV at my place