i never liked this place anyway

31 07 2007

tomorrow morning i pick up a car and start on my drive to Utah.  I’m not going to pretend that I’m completely happy about it, but it isn’t all bad either.  when life and circumstance make you feel forced to do something, that something is never easy.  i feel forced to move out of my apartment, forced to ask for help…

but there are lots of good things about this move as well.  the one I’m most excited about at the moment is that i do not have to endure the hell that is a Mn winter this year- HALLELUJAH!  i also get to stop and see some friends that i don’t get to see often on this road trip. 

i know I’m blessed that i have friends and family that want to help.  i never ever have to worry about if I’ll be able to eat today or if I’ll have some place to sleep or not.  most importantly, whoever this is dancing and kicking in my belly right now will never have to worry about those things either.


mama’s tiny dancer

23 07 2007

I have been awful suspicious the last week or so about movement.  Every now and then I’d stop and wonder if I had just felt a faint kick, or if that was just the burrito I had for lunch (I eat a lot of burritos).  Then Friday I had what I marked on the calendar as the “First ‘No Doubt About It’ Kicks”! 

It is so great.  Finally I am over 99% of the nausea and exhaustion and now I can feel a real live baby, my baby, dancing around in my belly.  This is the best part of pregnancy.  This is why women choose to do this over and over, the joy felt hearing a beating heart and feeling a few kicks no doubt makes up for any amount of pain brought on by labor.

In a few weeks I’ll hopefully have a more reliable Internet connection and will be able to post more frequently and with more pictures.  (My ultrasound is coming up soon!)

Thanks for all the good wishes from everyone-

a reason to dance

12 07 2007

I will make this quick because I’m using the computers at school and it smells in here…

I am officially in freak out mode.

But a good freak out.

Ladies and gentlemen, this morning I heard a heart beat. from my belly. oh. my. gosh!

Any of you that have carried a pregnancy before know what I’m talking about.  You feel different up to this point, but not really pregnant.  Now, aaaaggggghhhh it’s alive!

now I’m off to deliver 99% of my wardrobe to goodwill.

one hell of a turkey sandwich

3 07 2007

14 wks
Originally uploaded by wi77ow.

Here is a recent picture of me. I took it this afternoon.

I had this whole post about cravings and morning sickness, but i lost it so now all you get is a picture.
It wasn’t that interesting of a post anyway. I’m not craving anything weird, just things I have always liked but now I just like them a bit more intensely. Things like tacos, lemonade, jello, and anything peach flavored.

I’ll come up with something more interesting later.


3 07 2007

I’d like to state for the record that the post about being in a bad mood was not about finding out I am pregnant…I actually don’t even remember what I was so mad about. 

And the lack of posting between then and now was partly because I didn’t feel well, but mostly because it was finals time and then I lost my internet connection.  Also, it’s no secret that I’m lazy.

Guess what I’m getting for Christmas!

2 07 2007

11 weeks

Originally uploaded by wi77ow.

Yep, this picture is what it looks like. I’m having a mini-me come December.
Ya know what? I’m not 11 weeks anymore, but I haven’t taken an updated photo yet. I will…

Right now I’m visiting my parents, last week I was visiting some extending family. So, as of now I have had my full share of ‘advice’ from well-meaning family and friends. thanks.

I’m no longer sick save for the occasional bumpy car ride, and really, I wasn’t even all that sick compared to how aweful it could have been.

I feel huge already and if one more person jokingly calls me fatty or lovingly comments that they didn’t show as much when they were X weeks along, I’m gonna break their nose with my baby book. Also, don’t ask me what names I’m thinking of, I’m keeping those a secret for a while.

On to something more positive and less threatening*…

My boyfriend and I are both appropriatly excited and terrified about this pregnancy.
I will do my best to keep this page updated for any of you that want to know how things are going and hate the phone as much as I do. I have internet now, but I am not sure how reliable a connection is when I’m back in MN…

*The most obvious mood change I’ve experienced since getting pregnant is that I am extremely irritable some days. (could you tell?) Sure I’m a bit more sensitive and scatterbrained etc, but some days someone will say something that’ll piss me off for days. Something like “You’re having another doughnut?” “I know where you can get some pannel pants”