Potpourri for 1000 Alex

22 08 2007


To all of you that said a little prayer for me to find a job, THANKS.

I had a very good interview today for a gig that I think I will love, and an invitation for a different interview this morning. wow.


sorry I haven’t replied to any of your comments.  Thanks for all the nice things everyone is saying.  Also, if you don’t know this about me, I hate talking on the phone.  Hate it.  I “forget” my phone all the time when I am out with someone who has a phone themselves, and I haven’t gotten used to living in such a big house that I can’t hear my phone ring (if it’s on) from one room to the next.

That being said…I will call/call back everyone who is expecting a call from me.  I will, I promise.

I am very grateful to especially two of you that were such a huge help my last days in MN.  For the help packing/loading/keeping my mind off of things.  Without you ladies I wouldn’t have made it to UT because my head would have exploded and it’s awfully difficult to drive accross the country without a head.

also, ms smith, when I listened to one of the cds you made me I felt an increase in activity (dancing!) when possum kingdom played. 


I have registered at walmart.  I hesitated even register anywhere, much less announce it because I don’t like sounding as if I’m asking people to buy me things. 

I made the registry for myself to organize my list of things I need.  Walmart happens to carry both the crib and stroller that I want so I just continued on their website.  The list isn’t exactly complete because I did it all online and was only able to add things available online.  (No socks, pants, etc)

I do not need a ton of ‘cute’ things.  I don’t want a ton of ‘cute’ things.  So if you are thinking about maybe getting some extras like toys and uh toys (I’m not asking for anything, don’t think i’m expecting stuff), know that I’d much rather have you come visit sometime after the little one is here.  (or any time really, like right now! wanna come over and play?)

So think about it.  If you are due for a vacation consider the Rockies, it is beautiful here.  For those of you that are back in the midwest, the climate is much better here as well.  If you come visit in the winter, I have a semi-professional snowboader for a brother that would love to take you up a very nice ski/snowboard mountain.  I also have a very nice dog that would like to play with you. My sister will bake cakes.

Edited to add: I forgot to buy wild rice before I left, so if you come visit from MN you can bring a bag for me.  Then I’ll make you some really good soup too.


Oh yeah, the healthy baby part was good too.

20 08 2007

I forgot to mention the two best parts of my last doctor visit. 

The two best parts next to seeing my tiny dancer actually, uh, dancing.

First, the lady that took me back from the waiting room looked me over and said she remembers how big she was at 20 weeks and I don’t look that huge!

 Bless your heart. 

I was very much unhappy about some people telling me I looked bigger than I should.  You know who you are.  You also don’t read this blog so it doesn’t matter.

I am exactly the size and weight I should be.  EXACTLY

Second, now I am certain there is only one high-kicker in there.  Every scary pregnancy dream in the first two months, and 80% of the scary pregnancy dreams since have been that I find out I’m carrying twins.  Not that it would be that terrible, but in the dreams I am finding out late in the game and totally unprepared.

So…last night I did something I never thought I’d do.

I started a scrapbook.

I was shopping around for a baby book, you know the kind that you fill out for the first year with facts and pictures.  I didn’t like any of them and decided that I’d just have to make my own. 

I made a decision about a color theme too, another thing I didn’t think I’d care about.  (Incase you care its the earthy yellow/green/brown, not the bright pastels, with a little red and orange for good measure.)

I’ve been moving furniture all weekend.  Only halfway through the pregnancy (Lord willing) and already feeling the urge to “nest”.  It’s only going to get worse.  Maybe in September I’ll knock out a few walls and build an addition to the house.

Now I’m off to continue my job search.  I have a few good leads so if you would, say a quick prayer that at least one follows through.  No one wants to hire the pregnant lady who’s gonna have to take leave in a few months.

I’m having a……..BABY

17 08 2007


Originally uploaded by wi77ow.

I had my ultrasound today!

everything is where it’s supposed to be, elbow in my bladder, foot sticking out my side, etc.

Due date is officially Dec 28.

I didn’t plan on having the ultrasound done today, I went in to meet my nurse/midwife and have the regular check of blood pressure/weight/heart beat…but my nurse went ahead and gave me an unofficial ultrasound and a batch of pictures to hold me over until i could schedule an official one in radiology.

Then radiology ended up being able to fit me in right away and it’s not like i had anything better to do this morning so…i got all the measurements and official stuff done and two more pictures.

I did not find out if this little donkey* kicker is a boy or girl.
i don’t think i would recognize it if someone showed me where to look, at least i wouldn’t be sure, so i wasn’t worried about looking away during any of it.

I do have my guess, but I’m not telling…

*Sitting on the couch with my sister watching TV i mention that i like the name Fionna after we see a Shrek commercial. my sister takes that to mean that if i have a girl i am naming her Fionna and quickly turns to ask “what will you name it if it’s a boy, Donkey?!” she must have thought she was pretty clever with that one and now always asks me how donkey is…

Holy Boobage Batman!

14 08 2007

Oprah’s right y’all!   you are not wearing the correct bra size.

Go get a fitting, go on, i’ll wait…


now, here you knew you were no longer a modest 34A so you tried on a bunch of sizes and settled on a 36C.  Just as you were going to check out a nice lady gives you one look and throws a 32DD at you and tells you to try that on…

oh wait, that was me

and it fits!

and they are only going to get bigger in the coming months.

i know what you’re thinking…well, ok i don’t know what you are thinking, but i know that i’m still a little surprised.

good news is that i was able to get two bras for the price i was about to spend on one.

as much as i like talking about my boobs…a change of subject is in order.

i think i found my new doctor and midwife/nurse.  i say “i think” because though i’ve technically made my first appointment with them, i still have time to switch if i find myself uncomfortable.  i’m not anticipating anything going wrong, but i hate that i felt rushed to find a doctor/get my insurance in order/etc…and oh my gosh what if the only doctor that can take me ends up being a major weirdo!

the clinic that i’ll be seen at is really near by, like 2 miles down the road, and pretty new of a facility… i have high hopes.

mom hair

6 08 2007

mom hair

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Guess who got a mom hair cut already? Did you guess me? If you did then you are correct! good for you! here is a cookie.

anyway, I’m in UT. My trip out here was uneventful, but I’ll get around to uploading pictures of it soon.

I’m feeling some intense kicks and I love it.

I wanted to post so no one thinks i’m stranded on the side of the road someplace in south dakota… i’ll have a better post later this week.
actually, don’t count on it, i’m full of good intensions and empty promises…but i’ll try!