Urine for a treat…

13 10 2007

I’ve been researching diapers, cloth vs. the all in one reusable, and I’ve been reading a lot about infant potty training (or Elimination Communication) , hoping/wondering if I can manage it.

Also? Do you know how many times I have to pee during the day, even worse, during the night?

 What I’m saying is I think about pee all day.

So what else could I write about but pee stories as well?

age 4: Standing on the edge of a diving board at swim lessons I can’t hold it any longer and start to pee.  Even though I wasn’t afraid to jump, I was afraid that the coach waiting for me in the pool would notice my weak bladder if I didn’t finish before I jumped.  So instead of being able to show off how brave I was I pretended to be scared, like the girls ahead of me, until my bladder gave me the go ahead to jump.

age 5:  I didn’t get off the tire swing fast enough for a certain little boy and so, just as he threatened he would, he positioned his stream of urine perfectly in-line with my swing’s path.  I ran to the bathroom crying and a teacher, misunderstanding the situation, brought me a spare pair of shorts thinking I had had an accident myself.  I think I was more upset about the teacher jumping to the wrong conclusion. (I think that same boy peed down the slide when I was trying to climb it backwards, but then he slid down and pretty much wiped everything up with his shorts)

age 9: Summer still means playing make-believe games in the backyard until it’s time for bed.  My friend Sara and I can make a game out of anything and spend hours flipping each other off of the hammock in my backyard.  I think this was the first time I actually peed a little from laughing so hard.

age 21: I nanny for seven children.  The youngest girl was 5, and like most 5 year olds, she would occasionally have an accident.  I think she once came home from school in different pants than I had sent her off in, and once we had to talk about coming in from playing once in a while to use the toilet before it’s too late.  None of this is really all that interesting or unusual… what was kinda funny/frustrating is that she would pee where she stood if she was suddenly excited/scared/surprised… Like a puppy.  She peed in the kitchen when her brother said he was locking the doors because there were burglars outside.  She peed when it was announced we would all be going to the zoo for the day!  (I know the lack of bladder control can be a sign of something more serious but this only happened maybe 3 times the 1 1/2 years I was around and she never wet the bed at night…)

age 24:  I am afraid to sneeze.




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