The first thing I’m teaching this kid to do is make phone calls for mama

16 10 2007

Whenever there is significant movement in my belly, the kind that would make onlookers Ooh and Aah or maybe cringe, no one is looking.  Then when I announce that someone is stretching/flipping/dancing in mah belly and everyone looks or puts their hand on my bump it stops.  So I was pretty lucky to get a little bit recorded last night.  This video is representative of what is about middle-of-the-ground as far as intensity of belly punches as of late.

Only watch the first half, mostly around 18-25 sec in.

As the baby gets bigger and stronger I’ll be able to get better videos, hopefully.

Now, you know what I hate? Talking on the phone.  Especially talking on the phone to strangers that are supposed to be helpful but act like I’m calling to say I just ran over their dog and pushed their grandma down the stairs and why are you mad at me?  People like my insurance company.

Dear insurance company, if you didn’t want me to call you then why did you give me you phone number next to the words “if you have any questions please call”

For days now I’ve been trying to figure this stuff out, calling mean insurance people who forget to tell me important infomation, calling less mean insurance people who tell me that last guy must have forgot to ask me for that important information, sending paperwork over and over to a building that I would be happy to drive to if it ment things would move along, but they don’t like that idea…Oh My Hell People!  I have enough to worry about right now, I don’t want to be unsure that the insurance company will take care of things if/when things need taking care of. 

anyway, I am 90% certain that things are finally in order…plus I have my bedroom back now, that means I can now see straight enough to call and write people back that I have been ignoring (sorry) so as to use all my energy placing voodoo spells on certain Utah insurance people…




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