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29 11 2007

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      So, false alarm on the belly button popping out…maybe mine just won’t stick out like other women’s.

          Anyway, two or something weeks ago I did that dreaded glucose screening. My parents had no idea what I had in the fridge because my mother never had that test so I had to keep reminding them that it was something from my doctor and please don’t throw it away. If you don’t know, you have to chug a bottle of this flavored syrup and then get blood drawn exactly one hour later, it’s a test for gestational diabetes. Everyone I ever talked to about the test would tell me how horrible it was. Even the nurses talked about how I was going to love this test, it’s so much fun, like it is this hazing or rite of passage event that really really sucks, but it’ll be over soon enough.

         Let me tell you, my syrup was lime flavored and a little carbonated and tasted like sprite. Really. It totally wasn’t bad at all. So there’s that.

        I had my first in a series of weekly exams this past Monday. The ones where my doctor checks baby position and my dilation etc…

Baby is head down right now. Wahoo!

          Two or so weeks ago I went to the hospital’s birthing prep class. Well, uh, the tour was nice at least. This past June I visited family in California and one of my cousins gave me her birthing prep class DVDs. I was only 12 weeks pregnant at the time but I felt comforted watching them, like I was going to be the most prepared first-time-mother in the hospital. Now I’m so so glad she gave me those because the real live class covered only about ½ of what was on the DVDs. In fact, the only thing I learned in the class that wasn’t covered on the video was that one of the other women there mentioned her mother delivered in that same hospital and when she got an epidural the medicine went up instead of down. She was going numb from the waste up…loosing her vision, having heart problems, etc. The nurse leading the class was a little flustered when this information was offered up because she had just finished telling us all how perfectly-safe-nothing-ever-goes-wrong-you-will-all-leave-your-husbands-for-the-anesthesiologist epidurals are. Let’s all say a prayer that I won’t need an epidural.

          One of the things we did in the class was sit on the floor with our “partner” (the nurse kept saying husband even though at least four of us were definitely not married, three of us were there with our mothers!) and practice counter-pressure massage. My head nearly exploded because I hate being touched that much. There are actually only like three people (ok, three adults, I’m usually ok with kids I know) in the world who are allowed to invade my personal space. Luckily my mom read the horror on my face that I just couldn’t hide when our “partners” were supposed to rub our bellies and she kept her hands to herself.

Ok guys. Only one more month to go.
         I’m hoping that I don’t go into labor until after noon on Christmas. Anytime after that. I just want to have one more Christmas morning the way we always have…except we have company this year we don’t usually have, but it’s close enough. Well, now that I’m thinking about it, I just don’t want to be in the hospital on Christmas morning, so I’d be ok if the babe showed up a few days before hand.

           Also, since pretty much the latest arrival date would be the first week of January, I am declaring that February 1st is opening day of visitation. If you are planning on coming out to see us (and I hope you are!) this is your official notice; 1 February 2008 come one come all!

The end


Giving Thanks

22 11 2007

Living with my mother and sister is not completely unlike living with a couple of toddlers.  Sure, they can legally drive a car and they watch TV shows that aren’t trying to teach you numbers or spanish or songs about sharing…But when you spend a lot of time with small children you will notice that you are picking up socks/shoes/candy wrappers/juice glasses/etc from every surface and corner of the house.  Also, you will get sick a heck of a lot more often than you did when you lived alone.  It seems both these ladies cough and sneeze on the clean dishes and into the food cooking on the stove as much as any 3 year old. 

Sooooo, I have my one billionth cold since getting pregnant.  Toss the confetti!

Also, I’ve been house/dog sitting for a friend of the family all week.  It’s not a difficult job by any means, but a couple of nights of sleeping on someone else’s couch when you can’t breath through your nose will make you slam your head on a table a few times. 

That’s why I haven’t posted anything in a while…I was knocked unconscious from the head/table banging, and just now was revived by a strange dog stabbing his nose into my face over and over.  The nose poke is his version of poking a dead body with a stick I imagine.

Anyway…Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

I’m thankful that I have supportive family, a healthy pregnancy, and that I was revived in time for pie.

look what i can do!

14 11 2007

look over there. there on the right, under the flicker button.  I have some links! Links for everyone!

Some blogs that you might enjoy, because I do…and just in time for the winter gift-giving holidays, some great sites at which to do your shopping.

ok, just wanted to share.  now go buy me some stuff!


12 11 2007

Dear Internet,

What the hell is this?  I’m 7 1/2 months pregnant, how did this happen?! I mean, I know how this happened, but…how did this happen!

In only 6 weeks (Lord willing) I will be in the hospital, in a lot of pain, having a BABY. 

I will bring that baby home with me and there will be no giving it back.  My baby. What am I going to do?

quick! someone scare my belly!

8 11 2007

you know when your eye twitches from being stressed or tired?  or when you get a quick twitch in your arm/leg/some other random body part?

it’s not that bad until it has gone on for more than a few seconds- then it’s pretty annoying.

that’s what it feels like in my belly when someone gets the hiccups.

hiccups never go away quickly either.  they last for minutes on end and even though i know there isn’t anything i can do i still try rubbing my belly, breathing differently, getting up and walking around…

seriously folks, it’s driving me crazy.

Where did all the pink go? oh right, it’s November!

7 11 2007

November is:

American Diabetes Month

National Adoption Month (I didn’t know this when I wrote that last post)

Prematurity Awareness Month …yikes…

National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness month

Lung Cancer Awareness Month

oh there you are!

5 11 2007

 Wanna know something kinda gross? Yes? Then read on!

Whenever I bend over or lie down I get what I suppose is heartburn, (I have never had heartburn before this) a feeling like my stomach acid is being squished up into my throat.  Yeah, that’s not even the gross part yet.

Two nights now I’ve woken up coughing from having actually thrown up a little.  

This isn’t like when you* went to that frat party freshmen year, gave in to the peer pressure of the cool upperclassmen, and woke up in the hall closet in a puddle of regrets and vomit… I mean it’s just a little more than just acid in my throat.

On a more serious note…

I had put myself in a time out.  A time out from everyone who has an opinion on this pregnancy.  It’s not you, it’s me.

I know that for most of you, when I announced I was pregnant I gave you no reason to think I wasn’t totally planning on being a parent (as opposed to adopting out).  The truth is however, I have been only 99% certain that the best thing for this child is to have me as a mom.  

See, even the people around me who are trying to be an objective counsel while I sort out my thoughts are terribly easy to read and I know what decision they hope I make.  

It’s difficult, it sucks.

 I’ve felt like I would be resented if I brought a baby home with me.  How selfish it would be to parent this child as a single mother who hasn’t graduated college and has more debt than any 24 year old should.  The “brave” thing, the reason to call this pregnancy a “blessing in disguise” would be if I found a strong loving couple who have been struggling to have children of their own.

Then I turn around and get the message that I’d be disappointing everyone if I didn’t bring this baby home with me.  I’ve put the decision off until now and choosing to place this child would be a choice made from fear, frustration, confusion, etc.

The good news is that I’m not a complete idiot and I’m seeking counsel from someone outside of this situation.  

I am bringing this baby home with me.  I am going to be a good mother.  For my first act of responsible mothering I am going to make sure I am 100% confident in my decision, the biggest, most important decision of my life, rather than just 99%.

*Not you of course. I know you were busy finishing an extra credit paper before bible study.

Also, I have never been to a frat party, passed out in a closet**, or vomited from drinking.  I made that story up, any resemblance to actual persons or events are completely coincidental.

**Although when I was little, like 7 or 8, I used to occasionally sleep in my sisters’ closet because I thought it was funny when my mom walked in to wake us up and didn’t know where I was. Ha Ha Ha!