incision issues

31 12 2007

Will you guys please say a prayer for my healing.  I’m probably going to call the doctor tomorrow morning unless something miraculous happens tonight.  I am in some serious pain; I’m supposed to be feeling a little better every day, not worse.

I just want to feel better so that I can jump up whenever Josephine needs me.


January is awesome

31 12 2007

January is….

Birth defects prevention month

Cervical Cancer awareness month

Volunteer blood donor month

National Mentoring month

Poverty in America awareness month

My favorite face

29 12 2007

my favorite face
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     On the 23rd I went to church with my parents and sisters like any other Sunday; later one of my sisters, my father and I went to Costco. When I came home I posted that I was totally ok with staying pregnant for a while longer (foreshadowing?) then I spent the next 2 hours or so making lunch, doing laundry and stuff around the house, and dinking around on the computer.
      4:40pm I felt a little something and went to the bathroom…once there I made the decision that I had not in fact lost control of my bladder, but my water had broken.
I was so relieved that the “gush” was on the toilet and not in the crowded aisles of Costco.
        I told my parents we needed to get to the hospital and not to panic. I had to emphasize the “do not panic” part a few times for fear they would drive 90mph to the hospital without even checking if I was in the car with them…
      The hospital was quiet, I told the nurse at the desk that my water had broke and she took some information, had me sign some papers and I was escorted to my room. My doctor was on vacation, I knew that, but some the nurses seemed confused as to which on-call doctor they were supposed to call.
       I put on the lovely gown with my ass hanging out, got the IV put in, and monitors strapped to my belly to track contractions and the baby’s heart. Every few minutes a nurse would come in and check something or another and get a concerned look on her face and say they would watch a little longer, but they aren’t getting a good reading on the heart. They switched to a monitor that screws into the scalp, but it didn’t help.
      9:30pm I was 5 cm and in loads of pain. I was told I had a good chance of having to have a c-section and so I went ahead and signed the paperwork for the epidural. Word came that the doctor, on her way in, has given the go-ahead to prep for surgery.
      Epidural was increased to super numb status (I would’ve gotten one by then anyhow) and mom put on some scrubs. I was wheeled to the OR and I was shaking, quivering, so terribly that I was asked several times if I was cold. No I’m not cold, I’m scared out of my mind! I find out that I needed the emergency section because the placenta was detaching prematurely. It’s supposed to wait for the baby to be born to start separating, but mine was already 40% separated. Yikes.
      They warn you that you’ll feel pressure and tugging, but I felt practically nothing at all. 10:30pm In one instant I heard the doctor say “It’s a girl”, heard Josephine screaming, and saw a puffy face pop over the curtain. Then I started crying so instantaneously you’d have thought it was scripted. My mother (hereafter referred to as grandma) held her after she was wrapped up so I could look into those dark eyes as I was being stapled.
       Back in my room the epidural is wearing off and I’m pretty sure I’m going to die right there. I’m hooked up to morphine, everything is fine again. I’m pretty upset when they take it away again later.
        I ask to go home on Christmas, a day earlier than I should’ve been released, and I’m given the ok…but I’m sent home with only a few percoset and motrin…and of course the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.

My Christmas

25 12 2007

My Christmas
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This isn’t the best picture to use as an introduction, but I wanted to hurry up and get one posted before the mob beats down my door.
This little girl is Josephine Therese, born 10:30p Dec 23rd via Cesarean section.
I will post more pictures later, along with a more detailed birth story. However I will say this, I was scared out of my mind when I was told I had to have an emergency c-section and of all the days surrounding my due date, I didn’t want to be in the hospital Christmas morning, yet this birth experience was one hundred times better than I could have hoped.
I got home this afternoon, a day earlier than most people would’ve after major surgery…everyone here is healthy, happy, and pooping like a champ…well I know one little girl who is pooping with the best of them, I won’t speak for anyone else.

scratch that

23 12 2007

help!- my water just broke!

yep, still pregnant…

23 12 2007

I’ve decided that I’m finally comfortable enough being pregnant that I’m just not going to go into labor.  I mean, it took me 9 months to get to this point where I’m totally ok being pregnant that it isn’t really fair to suddenly not be pregnant anymore and have to get used to having a baby around all the time… I go in tomorrow for another “check up” and I’ll just let everyone know my decision then.

better late than never

21 12 2007

December is…

Safe toys and gifts month

World AIDS day (Dec 1st)

Drunk and Drugged driving prevention month

Seasonal Depression awareness month