Month Two

24 02 2008

Yesterday you turned two months. You are two months old. Two whole months! Since leaving my belly you have put on nearly 5lbs.  I’m not happy about that at all either; I want more time with my 6lb baby.  Speaking of my belly, remember when you were in there and all you did was kick and kick mama?  Yeah, not much has changed except that you are now kicking from the outside.  Whenever we snuggle in bed you seem to never fully stop moving and it’s usually your feet that are finding their way to my middle.  I can tell when you are sleeping, waking up, trying to poop, or wanting to eat based on the rhythm of your kicking.

            This month you found your thumb.  You had stumbled on it earlier, but now you bring your fist to your mouth with a purpose.  You don’t always succeed in getting your thumb in your mouth though, sometimes you have to settle for a finger or even just the side of your hand because you can’t quite un-clench your fist on demand yet.  I offered you a pacifier several times but you will have nothing to do with it.  You have however, fallen to sleep several times with grandpas finger in your mouth.


           You love to stand up.  You figured out how to lock your knees at about three weeks old, but now I can tell you really like it.  You calm down when I stand you up and once you stood on your own for almost 2 seconds!

You also really like baths now.  Sometimes I sit in the bathtub with you and hold your head while you float on your back and the whole time you have a giant smile on your face.  We just started making bath time a nightly ritual.  I used to bath you in the morning after you threw up breakfast, but you hold your food down better now.

We have a bit of a routine now and you are showing your personality and preferences more and more.  The morning is my favorite time because it’s just the two of us usually and you are in a fabulous mood, full of smiles and laughter.  We get up slowly and sing songs to each other for an hour or two before you fall back asleep and I rush to get a shower and breakfast.  The whole day is usually fun until late afternoon; when grandma and grandpa get home from work and your aunt is home from school you start getting agitated.  You do not like a lot of people in your face, or a lot of noises; it makes preparing and eating dinner somewhat of a hassle. Like your mama, you would rather sit back and have some quiet time than be in the middle of a commotion, but everyone else in this family seems to thrive on activity and yelling to each other from different floors of the house.



I’ve taken you shopping and out to eat several times now.  I plop you in the sling and you stay quiet, usually asleep, the whole time we are out.  People are always commenting on how good you are as if a 2 month old can really misbehave.  Still, after we get home from an outing I feel like I’ve been holding my breath because it’s always in the back of my mind that you could totally flip and turn me into that mother that gets dirty looks from all the childless men and women.  I think maybe you are behaving so calmly now because you are storing up for when you’re 14.


I know you can’t know how much I love you now, and probably won’t until you have children of your own, but I will always do my best to make sure you feel as much love as possible.

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your invitation is in the mail

23 02 2008

*I don’t consider myself much of a story teller, but when I explained to my mother why Josephine wasn’t in her PJs one morning she laughed pretty hard, so I’ll try to re-tell it the best I can.*

     For several nights in a row now Jose has slept from 10pm to 4am, eats, then sleeps from 430am to around 8ish.  After she eats at 4 I change her diaper and she rarely, rarely, poops when she’s sleeping at night. 

   On this particular night (last night) Josephine woke up at 12 to eat and then again at 4, then again just before 6am.  She barely woke at 4, so I did the same and didn’t actual get up to change her until the 6ish feeding.  To my surprise there was a little poop in the diaper so I took my time in the dark wiping down her little butt as she lay on my bed. 

   Now, the majority of the time Jose has a tell when she has to poop.  She grunts, not a constipated grunt, but sort of like someone waking up from an intense dream, and she kicks her legs in unison rather than in a bicycle motion.  I tell you this because 99% of the time I see the signs and know not to take the old diaper off just yet, (or if there’s time, to hold her butt over the toilet) the other 1% of the time she just immediately fills her new diaper and I have to start all over. 

     Can you tell where this story is going?

      Last night, as I undid her diaper and got a new one ready, she was asleep, laying still.  Perfectly still, except for her rhythmic breathing, Perfectly Still.  The wipe in my hand was balled up and I was just about finished cleaning her off when I heard a toot.  I wasn’t even sure at first if that’s what I really heard, then there was another one.  Crap. Everything was happening so fast.  I put the balled up wipe and my hand over her butt as I tried to hurry the new diaper under her butt, but I couldn’t quite get it situated right.  Before I knew it she had unloaded more poop than the diaper would’ve held anyway.  It was everywhere, I had no idea this tiny girl could projectile poop so strongly.  I cleaned my hand on a burp rag near by, pulled out more wipes and a third clean diaper, got her cleaned up and stripped her PJs off just in case.  I wiped up what I could, washed my hands, then laid down towels in the bed and we went back to sleep for 2 more hours. 

     My trash can and sheets look like someone had a diarrhea party. 

    Who has a diarrhea party you ask? My two month old daughter, that’s who. 


22 02 2008

 Just because you have 5 family members with you at the hospital when you give birth, and all five of them own very nice, working cameras, don’t expect they’ll think to take pictures on their own.  You have to fight through your epidural and general disorientation due to the excitement of giving birth and tell each of them that you’d like photographic proof you were actually in the hospital.  That the stork didn’t just fly in the birthing room window and drop off a baby girl while mama was, I don’t know, at the mall maybe?

my valentine

15 02 2008

v day puppy
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I forgot it was valentines day, at least until I made the mistake of going to the grocery store around 4pm.
I was the only young woman there out of about a million people.
It was 80% men buying flowers, 20% old women buying candy, and me, buying milk and pretzels.
Josephine has a lot of aunt Sara(h)s, one aunt Sara sent her this valentine outfit a little bit ago and I was afraid it wouldn’t fit her in time for a valentine picture. She is still so little, she’s just starting to fit into her 0-3month clothes and she’ll fit in her NewBorn size outfits for a little while still.
To me though, she is huge. By my estimate, she’s put on about 3lbs so far, maybe more. We’ll find out for sure at the next doc visit next week.

We had another storm here Wed. We’ve gotten more snow here this winter than the last three winters combined, but! at least it’s been decent temperatures. Hot compared to the Minnesota I left behind.
Every night after dinner my dad and I take the dog for a walk so she can poop and then we run her back and forth between us a several times to give her a little more exercise before bed. She loves racing up and down the street getting a little bit of cheese each time, she’s a greyhound!
With the extra snow sticking around, Akila has the extra task of hurtling the drifts between laps. This video isn’t very good, but you see what I’m getting at.

Some family are coming to town to go skiing and staying with us for a few days next week. I’m extra excited because they are the first extended family to meet Josephine, and I’ve been itching to show her off.

Wanna know what I’ve been watching? African American Lives 2 on PBS.  It is fascinating. You should watch it. Unless you hate learning.

stop the presses!

11 02 2008

I won’t tell you whether or not I could breath or even sit down. 

I won’t mention how I couldn’t look directly into the mirror.

I won’t even say how long I lasted before I was back in sweats.

I WILL say though, that I have successfully buttoned a very forgiving pair of pre-pregnancy jeans.

snow day

3 02 2008

snow day

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All week I was looking forward to today, not because I like football, but because everyone else would be watching the game and I was going to take advantage of the near empty mall. Use some gift cards, break out the stroller, get out of the house…
But this is what it looked like out the front door this afternoon. As I type this there is another few inches already on the ground and it’s still snowing. I can’t wait till it’s nice enough to take this baby outside!

February is Snow Up To My Eyeballs month

3 02 2008


Black History Month

American Heart Month

Burn Awareness Week 3-9

Children of Alcoholics Week 10-16

National Condom Week 10-16

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week 24-29