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15 02 2008

v day puppy
Originally uploaded by wi77ow.

I forgot it was valentines day, at least until I made the mistake of going to the grocery store around 4pm.
I was the only young woman there out of about a million people.
It was 80% men buying flowers, 20% old women buying candy, and me, buying milk and pretzels.
Josephine has a lot of aunt Sara(h)s, one aunt Sara sent her this valentine outfit a little bit ago and I was afraid it wouldn’t fit her in time for a valentine picture. She is still so little, she’s just starting to fit into her 0-3month clothes and she’ll fit in her NewBorn size outfits for a little while still.
To me though, she is huge. By my estimate, she’s put on about 3lbs so far, maybe more. We’ll find out for sure at the next doc visit next week.

We had another storm here Wed. We’ve gotten more snow here this winter than the last three winters combined, but! at least it’s been decent temperatures. Hot compared to the Minnesota I left behind.
Every night after dinner my dad and I take the dog for a walk so she can poop and then we run her back and forth between us a several times to give her a little more exercise before bed. She loves racing up and down the street getting a little bit of cheese each time, she’s a greyhound!
With the extra snow sticking around, Akila has the extra task of hurtling the drifts between laps. This video isn’t very good, but you see what I’m getting at.

Some family are coming to town to go skiing and staying with us for a few days next week. I’m extra excited because they are the first extended family to meet Josephine, and I’ve been itching to show her off.

Wanna know what I’ve been watching? African American Lives 2 on PBS.  It is fascinating. You should watch it. Unless you hate learning.




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17 02 2008

I love PBS!

18 02 2008
Ralph Zig Tyko

Your baby is precious.

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