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2 03 2008

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I’ve had a couple things on my mind to post about when I found the time.

      First, thanks to everyone who reads and leaves comments. I always read them. I am writing this blog for two reasons: to document my life and it’s changes so I can look back and see how far I’ve come, and to share with anyone who cares what is going on with me and Josephine. I love that you guys want to know what I have to say and I’ll try to find something interesting to write about other than poop.

       I’m working on a post about infant baptism. Stay tuned.

     Have you seen Hot Rod? it’s terribly funny. This is the best scene. sort of, it’s been re-mixed, but it’s still pretty funny.

       Hey, if you know a mom that’s a pretty good mom, and maybe she just needs a little help sometimes. and you get a little grumpy sometimes and take it out on whoever is around. and it’s usually that mom and her daughter that are around. and maybe that mom needed you to either ignore or clean up a few drops of pee that got on the couch because really, a few drops of pee is nothing in her world of projectile poop and vomit. Do Not under any circumstances complain to someone that you shouldn’t have to deal with pee on the couch because ‘She’s Not My Daughter’. if you do, that mom will hear it and will not be able to get it out of her head for days. even though she knows you were just being a turd, she’ll be totally bummed for a while. and she will forget what she wanted to blog about in the first place.




2 responses

4 03 2008
Sarah Smit

Yeah…tell me about it. And I don’t even have kids for her to do that about yet.

9 03 2008

I’m glad you have a blog. It’s kinda like being a part of your world all these years after high school and so many miles apart. I miss you Rach and I’m proud of you for all youre accomplishing as a mom. She’s a very lucky girl to have such a great mom. I love you.

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