quick update

9 03 2008


  • I had a decent post started about what I’m doing to try to be healthier.  Then when I clicked the save button, WordPress hiccuped and lost it.  Then I was pissed and didn’t want to write it again, plus I had this 12lb person screaming in my ear. 
  • This past few days my grandmother was here to visit and meet Josephine. 
  • Josephine is doing awesome.  She has so much to say now.
  • I believe I will be switching to cloth diapers part time when she graduates out of her current size 1s.  I already have a case of size 2s that I’ll use for overnight and leaving the house to start and stick to plane cloth and pins at home.  My cousin bought me two Fuzzi Bunz and I’ll eventually get enough reusable all-in-one diapers to stay out of disposables full time.
  • No matter how many books you read, how many moms you talk to, or how many classes you take, you are never prepared for how much you want to talk about poop after you have a baby.
  • I have cut nearly all trans fats out of the household.  I’m trying to give up carbonation but my sister keeps buying Dr Pepper.
  • Dr Pepper is delicious.



3 responses

11 03 2008

I love you! Good for you for trying to work on your health. That’s the best thing you can do after a baby to keep up your energy! YAY for cloth! I haven’t tried fuzzi bunz…how do you like that brand? I’m pretty set on bumgenius from the ones I tried. They don’t leak and they don’t get all pilly in the wash! Let me know about the fuzzi bunz. I have to buy 6 more and then I’m set! Oh, I recently found a site that sells used ones, but I really had to laugh. That’s like…sharing underwear with someone you don’t even know! ehhh….not so sure about that! kinda funny though.

11 03 2008

btw, love the new pics. She already has such a personality!

14 03 2008
sarah smith soon to be...?

OOOO. I hear you. I HATE it when that happens, and always when I spent a bunch of time on something! Check it out, I finally posted some pictures at Flickr,and set up a wedding website, it’s amusing! I had fun with it. I can’t wait to hear how your family deals with THE SMELL… 😉 Good for you. My mom is proud, and don’t worry, she never stuck me with the pins!

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