please work, please work, please work

20 03 2008

I have been trying very hard to post something the last several days but something was wrong somewhere in the Internet…

hmmm…now what was I going to post about?

the front tire of the stroller is flat and I haven’t gone to get a patch kit yet, so that’s a bummer.

Oh! so what do most first time moms do the last few weeks/months of their pregnancy? They research everything. Everything.  I spent a great deal of my research time trying to pick out the best way to diaper my baby’s butt. 

I’ve been using a variety of disposables that were given as gifts, and then some Seventh Generation chlorine-free diapers that I bought myself.  I was nervous about cloth diapering right away because it was new to me and breast-fed newborns poop like a million times a day.  Then when I was recovering slowly from the c-section the last thing I wanted was more laundry…

I’ve spent a great deal of Josephine’s nap time lately re-researching cloth diapering and I have changed my mind about using prefolds and pins, and I’m just going to use all-in-ones when they get here.  Mostly it’s about the $$ investment, I thought I had some prefolds to start with, but I now realize they aren’t absorbent enough, they are basically super burp rags.

I’ve been playing on eBay.

So a bunch of these all-in-one diapers should be here any day now. I’m pretty excited.  EBay is my new best friend.  I might be wining a few more Fuzzi Bunz too, but that auction hasn’t closed yet.


See how excited Josephine is?

She’s wearing an old dress that grandma saved.  That’s the only reason she’s wearing it.  She just seems like she’s going to be a bug-catching, dress-hating, tree-climbing tom-boy…or maybe I’m just hoping she will.




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21 03 2008

I say it again…Yay for cloth. Trust me dear….the laundry isn’t that bad to stay on top of! It’s so funny that you want her to be a tom-boy. I made Alanna such a girlie girl. Seriously, I really think that the way you raise them has a big impact on which way she’ll go. Alanna is constantly playing dress up and acting like such a girl…I wanted her that way. Maybe because I’m not that way. I don’t know. If you Raise Josephine to be a tom-boy, she probably will be!!! 🙂

21 03 2008

btw…love the new pics. She’s so adorable and getting so big, so fast!

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