Month Three

24 03 2008

You have become much more intense of a person this month.  You laugh more, eat more, cry more, kick way more, sleep less, and talk more than you ever had before. Oh my goodness the talking!

            In the mornings it’s usually just the two of us and we play with for a few min after breakfast then when you look like it’s time to wind down I read out loud from one of my child development books.  One morning I read that you should be cooing and gurgling and when I looked over at you, you blinked, thought about it, and made the most distinct gurgle.  A few minutes later you started cooing sentences, paragraphs even, like you were saying Hey, just let me know when you get to the chapter that says I should be walking and fixing sandwiches, I’ll be ready.

(turn up your volume for this one!)

            Something else the books say is that you should be starting to grab on to things.  So far you will hold something we put in your hand but you show absolutely no interest unless it’s someone’s finger.  You smack yourself in the face with my chapstick and then fling it behind you, but when you’ve gripped my finger my hand usually gets pulled strait to your mouth.  Sometimes though, you try to pull yourself up if you are lying down.

            You hate lying on your back.  I noticed in the hospital that you would sleep sounder when you were on your side.  When we got home, the only time you stayed asleep when you were on your back was when you were snuggled in the lap pillow we keep by the couch.  I’d put you on your back like I’m supposed to when I’d put you in your bed, but you never slept very long that way.  When you are awake it isn’t any different.  You want to be standing up all the time.  I have a feeling you’ll skip crawling and be an early walker like your mama.


            On the topic of sleep: Until recently the basic routine was that you would sleep in your own bed during day-time naps and sometimes start there at night.  You would always wake up when I got into bed so I’d bring you in next to me to nurse and snuggle.  At night you’d only sleep soundly, like at the hospital, if you were snuggled next to me and on your side.  You aren’t exactly mobile, but sometimes when you fall asleep next to me I don’t want to risk waking you so I just scoot you over and somehow within minutes you are right back at my side, head in my armpit.  I didn’t know it at the time, but I needed you there with me as much as you needed me there with you. 

Last week I put you to bed and you stayed asleep when I came in and got into my bed.  Then you were still sleeping, and still sleeping, and I was peeking over at you every few minutes waiting to see you start waking up, but you didn’t.  I tried to sleep, but I woke up every 30 minutes feeling like I had forgot something.  Finally around 2:30 you starting to wake up and when I reached over to you I breathed a “finally” and pulled next to me.  The next few nights were similar.  You slept a little longer each night and I woke up fewer times…then this weekend you seemed very uncomfortable and were a major grumplestilskin (teething? Please no, not yet) so we went back to our old routine complete with you waking up 4-5 times a night instead of once or twice. Awesome.


            This month you totally gave up on your thumb.  Instead, you try to fit as many fingers into your mouth as possible and sometimes you get one too many and sort of gag yourself.  You don’t mind though, and there is so much drool that anyone who comes near you should probably be wearing a rain coat.

            hop hop

            You turned three months old on Easter. Your first Easter!  I totally made you a basket even though you wouldn’t know the difference if I hadn’t.  I probably wouldn’t have bothered if it were just the two of us, but it’s not, grandma is here and if I hadn’t declared that I would take care of your basket she would have…

            I’m going to list what was in your basket.  Not because I think anyone reading cares, but because I want to be able to come back to this post in a few years and remember what a dorky mom I was from the beginning.

Two books: grandma picked out Tickle Monsters and I picked out Thank You Prayer

Bunny slippers

Bunny hat that aunt Kelly gave you when I was just barely 4 months pregnant

Two foam visors from Michaels that I had your aunt Martha put together for you

Yellow duck wrist rattle

Pink head bow because everyone thinks you are a boy, even when I don’t put you in blue!

A chirping chick toy from grandma

A chirping bird toy from great grandma

Big white rabbit from great grandma


            A lot of other things happened this month.  You met one of your great grandmothers, we started taking walks in the stroller every day, and you have started to laugh out loud at us.   There have been great times of singing and laughing as well as hard times of crying and spitting and I know (I know) there are days ahead that will be a million times better as well as a million times worse.  So far I knew you would have times of being uncomfortable because of gas or shots or being just plain tired, it was still hard for me to see you upset, but I knew it would be and that seemed to help.  What I wasn’t prepared for however was the packing away of the clothes you have grown out of. 

            I never sympathized with women who talked about how their babies grew up too fast.  I always thought “hey what you have now is pretty awesome too; you wouldn’t want a baby forever!”  And I don’t, I don’t want a baby forever, but I’ve already forgotten what you felt like in my arms when you were just 6lbs instead of this enormous 13lbs you are now.  The good thing is that even though I’m sad to pack away some teeny tiny onsies, I always feel better when I look at you and see you put something in your mouth or hear you babble and laugh, or reach any other milestone. 

It’s only been three months, but it’s already been three months.




4 responses

24 03 2008

Loved the post and pictures… couldn’t see the video though and I really want to! It said it was “no longer available”…?

24 03 2008

hmmmm…. anyone else have trouble w/ the video?

26 03 2008
kelly jo

Yeah, the internet must be broken on the video.

Anyhow. . .as I was reading(the part about the pink bow) my aunt peeped over my shoulder and asked what I was reading. I told her it was your blog and she said. . .wait for it. “Is that her baby? He is so cute.” It was the picture where she is sitting by the bunny. So not a boy, duh. By the way, I think she looks great in yellow.

26 03 2008

ok i tried to re-upload the video and youtube is under maintence or something…i’ll try again tomorrow. i will fix it.

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