1 04 2008

I’m moving to Blogger.

I toyed with the idea for a while…I thought that I would like to try to put up Ads on my site and then I found out that WordPress doesn’t allow ads. 

Then I thought, well, whatever I’d probably only make 2 cents at the most since they only work if someone clicks on them or uses the search box and it can’t be me, or a robot… Not really worth it to set up a new blog when I’m so comfortable w/ how things work here…

Then I was playing around on blogger…and it’s been updated since I last tried posting there about 1.5 years ago…

There are some features I like better here and a few over there but after weighing them out I have decided to make the switch.  so if you like what the ad is selling, click on it, but otherwise ignore it please… (i’m not allowed to ask you to click on the ads or use the search box, so i won’t)

I’m keeping this page up until I can figure out how to transfer these posts over…which I may never do.

stupid technology.

see you there!