22 02 2008

 Just because you have 5 family members with you at the hospital when you give birth, and all five of them own very nice, working cameras, don’t expect they’ll think to take pictures on their own.  You have to fight through your epidural and general disorientation due to the excitement of giving birth and tell each of them that you’d like photographic proof you were actually in the hospital.  That the stork didn’t just fly in the birthing room window and drop off a baby girl while mama was, I don’t know, at the mall maybe?


scratch that

23 12 2007

help!- my water just broke!

yep, still pregnant…

23 12 2007

I’ve decided that I’m finally comfortable enough being pregnant that I’m just not going to go into labor.  I mean, it took me 9 months to get to this point where I’m totally ok being pregnant that it isn’t really fair to suddenly not be pregnant anymore and have to get used to having a baby around all the time… I go in tomorrow for another “check up” and I’ll just let everyone know my decision then.

seven to go…

17 12 2007

I was thrown a shower yesterday by a nice lady at my parents’ church.  It was sweet, a few ladies and my family sat around a played a few games, ate cake, and watched me open a bunch of onsies and a really beautiful diaper caddy that the host knitted for me. 

One of the games had everyone cut a length of yarn that they guessed would measure around my mid-section.  My father, the only male in attendance was dead on.

It’s monday and that means I had another doctor exam today.  I was one centimeter last week and since then I had been hoping and praying that I’d be two centimeters today, at least 1.5, but two would be great… and… to the surprise of the doctor and myself I am THREE centimeters dilated.  I know this might be going over some of your heads, and it may be kinda gross for others, but those of you who have kids know that now I’m oscillating between excitement and terror. 

The only clue I had that I was starting labor was the nesting.  I haven’t had any contractions that I thought were worth paying attention to, but I have been cleaning and organizing like mad.  Still, I feel fine, a little tired but fine.

ok, a lot tired.

bed time.

place your bets

12 12 2007

Originally uploaded by wi77ow.

      The most common question I get from strangers now is if I know what I’m having. (A Baby!) Then when I say no they ask if that’s because I don’t want to know, and aren’t I a little curious?
       Of course I’m curious, but I’m going to find out really soon. I think I can wait two more weeks.
(The tattoo in the picture shows that I marked the DK box. DK probably stands for “Don’t Know” but it could also be short for “Donkey” I think.)
        Anyway, besides an ultrasound the next best way to predict the sex is to list all the ‘old wives tales’ that go along with pregnancy.

It’s a boy if:

    Your baby’s heart rate is less than 140 beats per minute (at least it was the first few times that a nurse measured it, my doctor measures it now and I always forget to ask what it is)
    You are carrying the extra weight out front (I’ve got extra weight everywhere, but I suppose most of it is out front)
    Your belly looks like a basketball (I’ve had a few episodes lately where my belly was behind something like a counter or shopping cart and when I stepped out and turned sideways onlookers were visibly shocked.)
    You are craving protein — meats and cheese (I’m not having a lot of cravings, but I am giving in to eating meat everyday which I haven’t done since I was 15. The only real craving that I noticed from the beginning of the pregnancy is for cigarettes. Don’t worry I haven’t given in to it, but MAN I really hope this craving leaves postpartum)
    You are having headaches
    Your pastor says she knows it’s a boy (I mean, come ON! If you aren’t going to ask your doctor or ultrasound technician, why not just ask God?)

      Then again, people have been saying to me that a mother’s first instinct is usually right when it comes to predicting the sex. The first trimester, before anyone starting asserting their own predictions, I was certain that I was carrying a girl. So, you know, whatever.

1cm down, 9 to go

10 12 2007

baby it’s cold outside
Originally uploaded by wi77ow.      There is a full length mirror that I walk by every time I go to my bedroom. Every time I see myself I am a little taken aback at how wide my hips are. I can even notice a difference when I walk or get up from sitting. Weird.

      Hey! Do you have kids, or know anyone who has kids? Have you ever seen a baby? Do you have parents? Do you know what a baby is?
If you answered yes to any of those questions then you should read this book. I am so serious.


I have an announcement

6 12 2007

Guys, Seriously… I’m pregnant.

If you ever catch me talking about how easy my pregnancy was and how much I enjoyed it, slap me and send me back to this blog.  On second thought, let me have my delusions…

I have been physically and emotionally uncomfortable from day one.  Of course that means that I’m at that point where I’m bouncing around on my exercise ball and going for extra walks trying to shake this baby out of me.  However, I still have many moments where I feel like I at least know how to handle being pregnant…I’m getting used to it and not being pregnant anymore means there will be a baby here and that is a bit more scary of a situation.

I’ll have more to share later after I’ve finished being so ticked off about it…about a baby shower that I don’t really want (or really don’t want) thrown by people I don’t really know as well as family that don’t think it’s important to maybe at least mention that I have a Babies R Us registry so that I don’t end up with 20 more blankets, nor is it necessary to include me in any conversations about me, plans concerning me, questions directed towards me…

– Yeah I’m a little too upset still to talk about it…

Anyway, put the car seat in last night. That’s about the only thing I felt had to be done Right Now since I can’t very well bring the baby home from the hospital without that.  Everything else can wait if it has to. 

So, when I started this post I thought I had more to say but it turns out I don’t… I will leave you with a very honest and accurate portrayal of any household that includes at least one man.