1 04 2008

I’m moving to Blogger.

I toyed with the idea for a while…I thought that I would like to try to put up Ads on my site and then I found out that WordPress doesn’t allow ads. 

Then I thought, well, whatever I’d probably only make 2 cents at the most since they only work if someone clicks on them or uses the search box and it can’t be me, or a robot… Not really worth it to set up a new blog when I’m so comfortable w/ how things work here…

Then I was playing around on blogger…and it’s been updated since I last tried posting there about 1.5 years ago…

There are some features I like better here and a few over there but after weighing them out I have decided to make the switch.  so if you like what the ad is selling, click on it, but otherwise ignore it please… (i’m not allowed to ask you to click on the ads or use the search box, so i won’t)

I’m keeping this page up until I can figure out how to transfer these posts over…which I may never do.

stupid technology.

see you there!


quick update

9 03 2008


  • I had a decent post started about what I’m doing to try to be healthier.  Then when I clicked the save button, WordPress hiccuped and lost it.  Then I was pissed and didn’t want to write it again, plus I had this 12lb person screaming in my ear. 
  • This past few days my grandmother was here to visit and meet Josephine. 
  • Josephine is doing awesome.  She has so much to say now.
  • I believe I will be switching to cloth diapers part time when she graduates out of her current size 1s.  I already have a case of size 2s that I’ll use for overnight and leaving the house to start and stick to plane cloth and pins at home.  My cousin bought me two Fuzzi Bunz and I’ll eventually get enough reusable all-in-one diapers to stay out of disposables full time.
  • No matter how many books you read, how many moms you talk to, or how many classes you take, you are never prepared for how much you want to talk about poop after you have a baby.
  • I have cut nearly all trans fats out of the household.  I’m trying to give up carbonation but my sister keeps buying Dr Pepper.
  • Dr Pepper is delicious.

two of hearts

2 03 2008

Originally uploaded by wi77ow.

I’ve had a couple things on my mind to post about when I found the time.

      First, thanks to everyone who reads and leaves comments. I always read them. I am writing this blog for two reasons: to document my life and it’s changes so I can look back and see how far I’ve come, and to share with anyone who cares what is going on with me and Josephine. I love that you guys want to know what I have to say and I’ll try to find something interesting to write about other than poop.

       I’m working on a post about infant baptism. Stay tuned.

     Have you seen Hot Rod? it’s terribly funny. This is the best scene. sort of, it’s been re-mixed, but it’s still pretty funny.

       Hey, if you know a mom that’s a pretty good mom, and maybe she just needs a little help sometimes. and you get a little grumpy sometimes and take it out on whoever is around. and it’s usually that mom and her daughter that are around. and maybe that mom needed you to either ignore or clean up a few drops of pee that got on the couch because really, a few drops of pee is nothing in her world of projectile poop and vomit. Do Not under any circumstances complain to someone that you shouldn’t have to deal with pee on the couch because ‘She’s Not My Daughter’. if you do, that mom will hear it and will not be able to get it out of her head for days. even though she knows you were just being a turd, she’ll be totally bummed for a while. and she will forget what she wanted to blog about in the first place.

my valentine

15 02 2008

v day puppy
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I forgot it was valentines day, at least until I made the mistake of going to the grocery store around 4pm.
I was the only young woman there out of about a million people.
It was 80% men buying flowers, 20% old women buying candy, and me, buying milk and pretzels.
Josephine has a lot of aunt Sara(h)s, one aunt Sara sent her this valentine outfit a little bit ago and I was afraid it wouldn’t fit her in time for a valentine picture. She is still so little, she’s just starting to fit into her 0-3month clothes and she’ll fit in her NewBorn size outfits for a little while still.
To me though, she is huge. By my estimate, she’s put on about 3lbs so far, maybe more. We’ll find out for sure at the next doc visit next week.

We had another storm here Wed. We’ve gotten more snow here this winter than the last three winters combined, but! at least it’s been decent temperatures. Hot compared to the Minnesota I left behind.
Every night after dinner my dad and I take the dog for a walk so she can poop and then we run her back and forth between us a several times to give her a little more exercise before bed. She loves racing up and down the street getting a little bit of cheese each time, she’s a greyhound!
With the extra snow sticking around, Akila has the extra task of hurtling the drifts between laps. This video isn’t very good, but you see what I’m getting at.

Some family are coming to town to go skiing and staying with us for a few days next week. I’m extra excited because they are the first extended family to meet Josephine, and I’ve been itching to show her off.

Wanna know what I’ve been watching? African American Lives 2 on PBS.  It is fascinating. You should watch it. Unless you hate learning.

stop the presses!

11 02 2008

I won’t tell you whether or not I could breath or even sit down. 

I won’t mention how I couldn’t look directly into the mirror.

I won’t even say how long I lasted before I was back in sweats.

I WILL say though, that I have successfully buttoned a very forgiving pair of pre-pregnancy jeans.

snow day

3 02 2008

snow day

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All week I was looking forward to today, not because I like football, but because everyone else would be watching the game and I was going to take advantage of the near empty mall. Use some gift cards, break out the stroller, get out of the house…
But this is what it looked like out the front door this afternoon. As I type this there is another few inches already on the ground and it’s still snowing. I can’t wait till it’s nice enough to take this baby outside!

February is Snow Up To My Eyeballs month

3 02 2008


Black History Month

American Heart Month

Burn Awareness Week 3-9

Children of Alcoholics Week 10-16

National Condom Week 10-16

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week 24-29