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23 02 2008

*I don’t consider myself much of a story teller, but when I explained to my mother why Josephine wasn’t in her PJs one morning she laughed pretty hard, so I’ll try to re-tell it the best I can.*

     For several nights in a row now Jose has slept from 10pm to 4am, eats, then sleeps from 430am to around 8ish.  After she eats at 4 I change her diaper and she rarely, rarely, poops when she’s sleeping at night. 

   On this particular night (last night) Josephine woke up at 12 to eat and then again at 4, then again just before 6am.  She barely woke at 4, so I did the same and didn’t actual get up to change her until the 6ish feeding.  To my surprise there was a little poop in the diaper so I took my time in the dark wiping down her little butt as she lay on my bed. 

   Now, the majority of the time Jose has a tell when she has to poop.  She grunts, not a constipated grunt, but sort of like someone waking up from an intense dream, and she kicks her legs in unison rather than in a bicycle motion.  I tell you this because 99% of the time I see the signs and know not to take the old diaper off just yet, (or if there’s time, to hold her butt over the toilet) the other 1% of the time she just immediately fills her new diaper and I have to start all over. 

     Can you tell where this story is going?

      Last night, as I undid her diaper and got a new one ready, she was asleep, laying still.  Perfectly still, except for her rhythmic breathing, Perfectly Still.  The wipe in my hand was balled up and I was just about finished cleaning her off when I heard a toot.  I wasn’t even sure at first if that’s what I really heard, then there was another one.  Crap. Everything was happening so fast.  I put the balled up wipe and my hand over her butt as I tried to hurry the new diaper under her butt, but I couldn’t quite get it situated right.  Before I knew it she had unloaded more poop than the diaper would’ve held anyway.  It was everywhere, I had no idea this tiny girl could projectile poop so strongly.  I cleaned my hand on a burp rag near by, pulled out more wipes and a third clean diaper, got her cleaned up and stripped her PJs off just in case.  I wiped up what I could, washed my hands, then laid down towels in the bed and we went back to sleep for 2 more hours. 

     My trash can and sheets look like someone had a diarrhea party. 

    Who has a diarrhea party you ask? My two month old daughter, that’s who. 


First of many posts about poop

4 01 2008

Thanks for all the congratulations and well wishes.  And I’m feeling 10x better today, I still can’t lift anything and it takes me extra long to get in and out of bed, but I can appreciate Josephine more now that I don’t have to worry about pain so much.

Now, if you want to see pictures of Josephine taken at the hospital you can click here

She sleeps so well! Maybe she’s waiting to be fussy until I am strong enough to handle it…The only time she cries is when the cold wipe touches her naked butt.

She is the loudest pooper ever.


My sisters are still terribly amused by potty humor and every time they hear Jose “relieve herself” they are in tears laughing…every time!

Guys, come visit! We’re ready for you.  She’s been asking about you…